Rohingya Crisis : One Million stateless, hungry and afraid people is the size of problem

Rohingya Crisis never truly cooled down but it always becomes greater than previous day. Contrary to the widespread media reports of 123,000 refugees, the size of problem is much more greater and grim.

It’s more than one million Rohingya people, who are without a state, food, medical facilities, peace, education, in short they are without everything a civilization offers to the human beings.

Those who are settled in the camps of Bangladesh (aproximately 500,000) and Pakistan (350,000) are living in inhumane conditions in refugees camps, and while left behind in Myanmar wants to leave the country immediately because they are well aware of the fact that if not today, then tommorow they will be subject to the genocidal mobs and state machinery. It’s only matter of time.

My interests with Rohingya people tells me many things, and revealed to me a very very ugly face of humanity where I can see the fate of a million people, vanishing from the earth in a few years.

There is insufficient money, food, shelters, medicines, schools, security and water for these ill-fated people


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