One thought on “Talking Points on the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline

  1. As the pointperson for the TAP project 1965-98, herewith some relevant info:
    Unocal presented the project to the Bank and we turned it down as a pipedream with no commerical basis. Confirmed privately by senior UNOCAL vice presidents.
    Pakistan has 2x as much gas onshore as the UK which is offshore so does not need to import but idiotic GoP suppresses development
    Clearly a political project for the US to deal with Taleb, Khalilzad was the interlocutor and peddled the idea that the Talebs were reasonable guys created by ISI. Northern Alliance pissed off
    Taleb refused to be reasonable so negotations terminated and UNOCAL dropped out
    The Pak gas buyer was/is dodgy since the buyer was/is the GoP bankrupt and cash short
    Power plants in Karachi and Sindh can absorb one bc/d gas and another one bcf/d is needed by non power consumers so none available for India which is better off importing LNG
    The idea of sending gas and oil 1600 km to Gwadar is ridiculous. There are far better and huge developed gas fields already connecte to ports and in credit worthy countries
    Ridiculous for Pakistan an oil importer to be exporting oil
    The isssue is dead. China has taken over the Central Asia oil and gas sector, including the Daulatabad fields and has already built pipelines fromthe Iran-Turkmen border to Xingjian 2200 km away.
    That the GoP is still pedldling this boondoggle is proof of the idiocy of the leaders. Ditto India and Turkmen
    Since 1996 the energy companies in the Punjab have been pushing the 700 km Termez-Kabul-Peshawar route. The RedArmy built a pipeline Termez-Kabul so technical feasibility estblished and its 300 km to Peshawar. Buyer the Punjabi based energy companies. Idiot GoP blocking it.
    This route now even more commercial due to Chinese CNPC developing northern Afghan oil and gas reserves and Afghan share best exported to Punjab being high priced


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