Energy Crisis in Pakistan

By: Ahmed Sajjad Hashemy


Energy is the most important sources for economic growth of a country. Unfortunately Pakistan has to face a major energy crisis in Natural gas, Power and Oil in next two to three years. This would delay the Economy of Pakistan (which is already in complexity). The high cost of the import of Oil, Construction of Big Dams, uncertain regional security environment attached with lack of national agreement to build dams are likely to delay quick resolution of energy crises. This energy deficit will lead to inflation. Similarly subsidies of billions of rupees have to be doped out “Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA)” to bear loses. This would affect the national exchequer heavily.

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27 thoughts on “Energy Crisis in Pakistan

  1. we all know the problem and we all know the solution but who will stand up to do it its not in one mans power its every ones decision.


    1. change comes through upper level or through lower level … we have seen our upper level ?????now let we decide in elections what type of energy we want….May Allah guide our nation about the right use of Vote ….use of vote is your energy this is power of individual “”””””


  2. this essay is helpful to aware un awared peoples which are twisted by the govt and cheating carried out with them.Thus,our govt is fooling us and we are being fooled by them .They dont know the power of public or peoples specially pakistani peoples.


    1. Thanks for your Comment, during the days I am busy in my Studies and Exams due to this I have been absent from this blog. Your Suggestion will be highly appreciated and I am looking forward to your suggestions about “Energy Management”.


  3. i am always in search of such topics,i would like that you must write some extra about Pakistan current situation and if u can then please remember my ID to send me some interesting Artical .

    Najeeb Mehsood


  4. energy crisis can be maximum solve by Tarbela dam but a big reason to constructing is that many politicians land exists there and these politicians can not be wana this…..


  5. Would it not be a good idea if an international non-profit making organisation took over as energy providers rather than existing goverment. It would take a good company to turn the problem within two years rather than two decades. It’s the community that should support the new organisation rather than support new goverments and promises by the few to satisfy the needs of the majority.



  6. It’s all about energy management and not energy crisis. Upgrade the depleting plants, manage the assets and production rates increase in double figures. That’s what European countries do and that’s what developing countries should do.


  7. It’s also about improving Critical National Infrastructure for the distribution grid. Without improvement there can’t be any efficiency. It’s the community’s job to support such improvement without energy there’s no development and without development the country will eventually become bankrupt.


  8. energy crisis pakistan men us wakt tak kam nahi ho skty jab tak hmari government k bary men koi step na liya jay kyun k government kuch nahi krti jo b pesa hy sirf apna paet barhny k liye jama kar rhi hy awam ki koi fikr nahi jab k ye pesa awam ka hi hy. energy crisis ki main wajha hmary leaders or government hen.


  9. Good article but as usual we can only write good articles but practically we are nothing. What is the cause of this crisis and why this happened? Everybody knows but nothing is done to punish the culprits. Prime Minister statement of selling the energy to other countries is just another lies as there is no other country like Pakistan to whom you can sell this energy. This nation has destroyed their country and is crippling towards its death. Neither articles nor positive thinking can solve the problem; it needs physical efforts which are not there. Corruption is at its peak. Every influential person is exploiting the available resources and even the sacred activity was looted. Nothing can be done except going back to Stone Age. This is the fate of all corrupt nations and they got it.


  10. sir it was a good attempt but u did not mention about bio-gas energy for that pakistan has potential in rural areas


  11. A great effort I wish the politicians could realize that its the time to wake up we are almost at the deadline


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