Although Raymond Davis is no more a mystery in Pakistan now and almost every Pakistani is well aware of his crime in late January 2011, when he killed 3 Pakistani nationals in Lahore with an illegal Beretta handgun. Recently media has started investigating the fundamental questions about Raymond Davis, including;
  • Who is he?
  • Why he was in Mazang?
  • From where he got the unlicensed weapons?
  • Why his passport is not a diplomatic one?
  • Who were the people who came for the rescue of Raymond?
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5 thoughts on “Ramond Davis, Task Force Orange and compromised mission in Lahore

  1. It is an eye opener for Pakistani nation & most of all these American puppets who are sitting our assembly halls.We as a nation must join hands ,general public and the government to throw out all American spies …….
    Let’s all join hands and refuse the foreign aid. Similar to the Arab revolt make it a dream come true not against our own government but against the long term bounds of slavery that had been imposed on us by our previous corrupt leaders .


    1. Yes! Please stop taking our foreign aid! Hard working Americans shouldn’t waste their money on ignorant and violently motivated people. It’s ridiculous that America would give so much to people who deserve so little.


  2. Pakistan should achieved the iranian strategy against ramond davis , he should be hang that no body could dair again and Pakistani government should over thrown the u.s aid help concept as like Iran………………..


  3. This entry is an absolutely biased and erroneous account of what happened in Pakistan. I love the U.S. spy talk and Raymond Davis affiliation to organizations that were clearly pulled straight from a wikipedia like goat show. By the way… The third man was killed by a car… not Davis….. oh and Davis shot two armed men who most likely worked for the ISI. The true story here is what type of people (i.e. the family) allow themselves to be bought out by money in return for their so called “quest” for JUSTICE. Pakistani’s really are a more righteous people! hows that for moderation?


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