Ali Ayaz Fakhri, eldest Son of legendary Artist, Jamil Fakhri is missing in USA

By: Syed Haroon Haider Gilani

On 2nd of December 2010, Dunya TV’s famous show, Hasb – E-Haal told about the missing son of Pakistan’s legendry Artist, Jamil Fakhri. On February 02, 2009, Ali Ayaz Fakhri went out of his residence in New York along with two of his friend in February and did not return and could not be traced out as yet. On December 02, 2010, Dunya TV network, broadcasted the details about this incident and most importantly, the criminal negligence and ruthlessly rude behavior of Pakistani Embassy in USA and Foreign Office of Pakistan. Many other electronic media sites and channels are now actively reporting that Jamil Fakhri complained about the careless attitude of Pakistani foreign office who is saying from the very first day that “do whatever you can do , ask whoever you want to ask but at the end you have to beg us (Pakistani foreign office in US) about the whereabouts of your son“.

Behavior of Pakistani Embassy in USA and Foreign Office with Jamil Fakhri

Jamil Fakhri complained that in the beginning Pakistani authorities were responding his requests but now, the Embassy of Pakistan in USA even don’t attend his calls. It is a matter of utmost concern for all the Pakistanis to protest against such an irresponsible behavior and violation of obligation of civil servants in under the foreign ministry. Foreign office didn’t remain behind in playing its part of shameful business. Jamil Fakhri was even threatened and manhandled by officials of Foreign office.

Ali Ayaz Fakhri

On an internet site, a person named Liaqat Malik, narrated about Ali Ayaz, “I have met Jamil Fakhri’s son in Canada. He is one of our family friend in Toronto. What news you have given on this talk show about Jamil Fakhri’s son who suddenly disappeared in New York is true and despite his brother’s all efforts from Canada to find any clue of his brother’s disappearance in USA has not produced any results so far . The most unfortunate aspect of this tragic disappearance is that it still remains a secret as to what has happened to Jamil Fakhry’s son in USA that even American authorities have utterly failed so far to find any clue about him”.

The Campaign to find Jamil Fakhri’s son

The details, were shocking to me and brought tears to everyone watching it. I seated before my working desk and started writing letters to my friends and relations in USA, EU and Canada to assess whatever can be done in this regard. A friend suggested to publish the campaign on Facebook, the famous most social networking tool to find out any clues and help from the public. The idea clicked me and I logged on to my Facebook account and commenced a page “Campaign to find the Son of Legendary Artist of Jamil Fakhri“. In order to obtain the immediate response and fast spread of the campaign, I published several advertisements on facebook’s advertisement program.

For me, data collection about the campaign was and is a serious problem still as I am not in connection with any of the relatives to Ali Ayaz Fakhri nor have any direct connections with the Show biz world but this campaign is helping me a lot to seek the cooperation and data about Ali Ayaz Fakhri and upon the sufficient data collection, requests and follow-ups will remain till the success with US and Pakistani Governments.

To all media, showbiz personalities, I humbly request that this is the matter of your home, for all Pakistanis, it is matter of National appreciation and respect of our Legendary personalities, so we must act vertically to make our Government to work our us and our bureaucracy to serve Pakistanis.

For any sort of information sharing about the cause, pleas send us email :


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